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New York online gambling ring busted

An Internet gambling ring was broken today by the New York police, with the cooperation of authorities in New Jersey.

New York online gambling ring bustedTotal of 18 people were arrested by the Metro New York police, accused of being part of the  $8 million a month illegal gambling ring. The bets mostly professional and college sports, with limits as high as $100,000, had been entered by computer to a "wire room" in Costa Rica, said Westchester District Attorney Janet DiFiore. Online casino gambling was also offered, in addition to sports betting.

The investigation began in October 2005 with information obtained by the police in Harrison using eavesdropping devices, said Harrison police chief David Hall, with more arrests to be expected as the investigation progresses.

Bettors had to be first introduced to any of the bookies, which were part of the illegal gambling ring, and then they could either deposit online using over 60 websites, calling the office in Costa Rica or calling the bookie.

Adam Green, 34, of Manhattan, is pointed as the leader of the illegal gambling enterprise, who was also the owner of most of the online gambling websites. Anthony Giovaniello, 37, of Hawthorne, N.Y, was the one responsible for managing the bookies, part of the gambling ring. Both men were charged with enterprise corruption, which has a max sentence of 25 years. Fourteen others were also charged with enterprise corruption, one was accused of promoting gambling and one was charged with weapon possession.

The police also confiscated over $1 million in cash, jewelry, weapons and many other assets.

It is unlawful in the United States to operate online casino or online sports betting website.


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