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Online casino shut down by the Chinese police

Authorities in China have shut down an online casino which has taken over $520 million (4 billion yuan) in bets for over two years.

Online casino shut down by the Chinese policeTotal of 37 people have been arrested in connection to the online casino, as well as five shareholders of the company running the casino with seven other company members obtained guarantor pending trial, a Chinese legal compulsive measure. Cash and 17 vehicles have been confiscated.

The company had operated nearly two years with thousands of members around the country. Just like a pyramid, junior members could make their bets via company agents, which can be divided into three levels.

The bets were placed via the agents at different offshore gambling websites. The Chinese police caught up to the online casino scheme by monitoring the Internet use of one of the agents, after he was red-flagged while he was logging in to over 13 online casino websites located outside of China. The names and domain names of the online casino websites have not been released.


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