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Michael Moore goes to Cuba, gets betting props

The popular filmmaker Michael Moore is facing a U.S. government probe and betting odds, as well.

Michael Moore goes to Cuba, gets betting propsMichael Moore is facing a Treasury Department probe for taking Ground Zero workers to Cuba to make a point about how bad the U.S. health care system is for his new film called "Sicko."

In the true spirit of the bookmakers worldwide, the online betting website Bodog Sports has released the latest celebrity props, and of course, Michael Moore is right there, holding betting odds along with Eddie Murphy.

Will Michael Moore be arrested for breaking the U.S. trade embargo restricting travel-related transactions in Cuba before the release of his new movie "Sicko"? The odds for yes are only +150 (3/2) and if he does not get arrested by that time -200 (1/2). Pretty bold move by the odds makers, considering the latest developments surrounding Moore's controversial trip to Cuba.

After Moore released a letter from the Treasury Department, warning him of their investigation on his Cuban trip, the film director wrote in a letter to U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson posted at the Daily Kos Web site: "I have broken no laws, and I have nothing to hide."

It seems that the bookmakers also think Moore's investigation will not lead to an arrest soon, considering the betting odds.

Under US embargo on Cuba, citizens of the USA are forbidden to travel to Cuba without prior authorization, and the government claims Moore did not have one.


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