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Is George Bush going to veto the Iraq bill? You bet!

President Bush would veto any bill drafted by House Democratic leaders that would fund the Iraq war only into the summer months, his spokesman said on Wednesday.

Is Bush going to veto the Iraq bill? You bet!So have you ever wondered how many Presidential Vetoes will George W. Bush use before the end of 2007? Do you know the answer? Well, we were recently alerted that one online betting website would like you to put your money where your mouth is. Bodog Entertainment has posted political props and some betting odds on how many vetoes will President Bush use by the end of the year. The odds for one to two vetoes are only 2/1.

The online bookmakers seem to think, however, that the Congress will spend a lot of time this year creating bills for George W. Bush to veto. The odds that the President would veto more than 11 bills are 3/1 compared with 7-8 vetoes at the whopping 9/2. The online betting sites are confident that the Congress will not override any presidential veto this year with+350 (7/2) and if you bet the Congress will have enough - the betting odds are -650 (3/20).

Visit Bodog to find out what are the odds of Alberto Gonzales remaining Attorney General of the United States by July 4th 2007.


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