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American Idol: Blake Lewis, Jordin Sparks or Melinda Doolittle?

One of the most watched TV show ever, the American Idol, is buzzing the Internet again, now that the elimination and the final are coming.

American Idol: Blake Lewis, Jordin Sparks or Melinda Doolittle?Everybody want's to know who will win the American Idol. And it seems that the hardest job these days is to make the odds for the winner. The online betting website Bodog, our choice for the latest entertainment betting odds, has changed their odds of winning the American Idol.

Jordin Sparks is still the favorite, with odds 5/9. But the latest rumors on the Internet are that we may see a surprise tomorrow when America's votes are counted. We will not divulge into this idea, but it could be a great marketing strategy for the American Idol. Although Sanjaya was great, as far as entertaining the public, it was really no surprise that he got voted off early. And American Idol needs a "big surprise" to keep people's attention for another high-rating year.

Could the surprise come from Blake Lewis? He is the underdog with odds to win the American Idol at 9/2, and let's be honest - many believed he will be gone before Sanjaya. Last year's Idol was won by Taylor Hicks, but he still have problems blowing up into a full star like Carrie Underwood, and Lewis seems to be able to do at least gold, if not a platinum, with a possible record deal.

Melinda Doolittle has been dodging elimination quite successfully, always in the middle, this time her betting odds have changed to 11/5. But she has been struggling with to make an impression either as singer like Jordin, or as an "oddball" like Blake. We think that the "golden middle" she was able to keep throughout the entire American Idol will cost her the final and she will be eliminated on Tuesday. Let's face it, a final between a great singer like Jordin Spark and the underdog Blake Lewis is a guarantee recipe for the most watched American Idol final.

By the way, is anyone else getting really tired of Simon, too?


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