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The British Casino Association bid against more U.K. casinos

A bid to block the plans of the U.K. government for 17 new casinos has been launched by The British Casino Association (BCA) at the High Court in London.

The British Casino Association bid against more U.K. casinosThe chairwoman of the BCA, Penny Cobham, claims that the project would give an unfair advantage over the already established British casinos. Although the Lords have rejected the bill for the new casinos, mainly due to Manchester being the chosen site for the super-casino, the government has vowed to continue its pursuit of the legislation.

The BCA got a back up from five of its members, or 116 out of the 138 casinos in the U.K., on the bid against the proposed 17 new casinos, claiming discrimination against the existing casinos. A 3-day hearing will review if there is enough evidence to back up the claim that the Gambling Act of 2005 discriminates against them. According to lawyers representing the BCA case, the new casinos could wipe out (pound)120 million of the existing revenues from the casinos already operating in Great Britain.

An application for judicial review will be held before Mr Justice Langstaff.


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