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Gambling habit leads man to steal 4,500 pounds of silver

Casino gambling made an employee of silver plating plant in Farmington, Minnesota, steal from the company he was working for.

Gambling habit leads man to steal 4,500 pounds of silverThe 31-year-old Jaydn John-Sessing was arrested by the local police and faces seven felony charges, after it was discovered that the man was stealing silver nuggets from his workplace.

According to the initial investigation, the employee was stealing a pound or two of silver each week, selling the precious material to local pawnshops and using the money to fund good time at two Minnesota casinos. It was estimated that John-Sessing spend over $1 million in the two casinos, with over $500,000 stolen from the company's silver stash. The weight of the silver stolen by the man is over 4,500 pounds in a three-year period.


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