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Michael Moore - Bookmaker says no jail time for Cuba trip

The ever so controversial film maker Michael Moore is still under investigation for his film trip to Cuba.

Michael Moore - Bookmaker says no jail time for Cuba tripAlthough he has been catching a lot of heat lately, the bookmaker Bodog says that he will not be arrested for breaking the law. They have even posted odds on will Michael Moore be arrested for breaking the U.S. trade embargo restricting travel-related transactions in Cuba before the release of his new movie "Sicko". If he goes to jail by that time, the oddsmaker will pay +180, and if not, the odds pay -270.

It is likely that Moore will not go to jail for the simple fact that the White House is now feeling like they put a hedgehog down their trousers. The Bush administration must feel that they are giving way too much free publicity, thus our prediction is that Michael Moore will not be arrested (yet) for his unauthorized trip to Cuba, as the opposite outcome would guarantee years of popularity for Michael Moore, and possibly a documentary on the US prison system.

Moore went to Cuba to shoot part of his film "Sicko" which looks into the US health care system. The trip was unauthorized, claimed the U.S. Treasury and State departments and started an investigation into his journey to Cuba.


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