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Big Brother 8 - what can you bet on in the U.K.

The 8th edition of the U.K. Big Brother has not even started yet, but for the online bookmakers the show is on.

Big Brother 8 - what can you bet on in the U.K.Big Brother 8 is expected to be the most watched of them all, and for plenty of good reasons - the producers have promised that this will be a show to remember. But don't wait for the show to start - place your bets, ladies and gentlemen. The U.K. licensed online betting website Bet365 has already published some odds for the Big Brother, and £100 free for new customers.

Gender of the Big Brother winner - Male (1.72), Female (2.00). As we have learned that there will be a gay wedding on this edition of the show, these odds could raise some questions, for example, would the producers of Big Brother 8 decide that a couple can win the show?

Big Brother 8 winner will be from - England (odds 1.90), Scotland (4.50), Wales (9.00), Ireland (9.00) or 6.00 for any other.

The Big Brother 8 opening night is on the 30th of May, and yes, you can even bet on that - Official BARB Viewing Figures for Opening Night: Under 7.25 Million for Opening Night (1.57), or Over (and Including) 7.25 Million for Opening Night - odds of 2.25 will continue to bring you the best odds for the Big Brother 8 through the summer. Silvia has been on a roll with predications for American Idol, and she did not have to be forced to watch Big Brother, she lives for reality TV.


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