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Big Brother 8: The housemates are gearing up

Less than a month to go until Big Brother 8, and some bookies are starting to take bets on the famous U.K. show.

Big Brother 8: The housemates are gearing upThe U.K. licensed online bookmaker Bet365 is currently taking bets on the gender of the winner of Big Brother 8 - see the odds here (new window). And there will be a lot of betting once the show starts.

Although the Celebrity Big Brother 5 stirred up quite a controversy, the show goes one, despite of earlier rumours of cancellation. The networks do not want to set an exact date for the start or the end of the show, but they have said that it will start around the end of May (the 25th is the most likely date) and it will finish around mid August. And it has also been confirmed that the show will run for 13 weeks, so it will end 13 weeks from the date it starts.

If you want to apply for an audition - you've missed it, which took place between Saturday the 6th of January and Sunday the 11th of February 2007.

The last year's Big Brother 7 was won by Pete Bennett. The current house for Big Brother 8 is located in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire.


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