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Big Brother 8 Plot and the Celebrity Big Brother under attack

More news from the Big-Brother, this time however the Celebrity Big Brother is under attack, plus we reveal another new twist for the Big Brother 8 show.

Big Brother News: The Celebrity Big Brother under attackAlthough it is unknown if there will be another edition of the Celebrity Big Brother in the U.K., this did not stop the Britain's communications watchdog Ofcom to find Channel 4, the producer of Big Brother 8, guilty of "serious editorial misjudgement" over incidents in "Celebrity Big Brother". The incident involving Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty in January sparked more than 40,000 viewer complaints and angry protests in India, and led to the ordering of an unprecedented series of on-air apologies.

Channel 4 has been ordered to air three apologies during the start of Big Brother 8, which will address the issues from the celebrity edition.

Shilpa Shetty, the winner of the Celebrity Big Brother, was insulted by her housemates -  Jade Goody, a former reality TV celebrity, and Danielle Lloyd, former Miss Great Britain. Shetty was also offended when she cooked a chicken and the fellow stars made derogatory comments about the eating habits of Indian people.

Representatives from Channel-4 insisted that the housemates at Big Brother 8 will be "schooled" on what behaviour will be considered unacceptable to avoid any future racial remarks and mishaps.

Another juicy plot was revealed today on the Internet for the Big Brother 8. Around the middle of the airing of the show the housemates will be sneaked into secret rooms but they will be separated by glass wall. A Channel 4 insider told the Daily Star: “It will be like Big Brother meets Prisoner Cell Block H. You can imagine the rush there will be to get to the window to try and get as close as possible to one another.” You know that there will be a lot of glass-kissing and maybe even breasts-rubbing, if we are lucky. This rumour is just another example that Big Brother 8 will be awesome and full of surprises.

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