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Miss Universe Riyo Mori - worst day for bettors ever

The 2007 Miss Universe became the 20-year-old Miss Japan, Riyo Mori, in Mexico City last night.

Miss Universe Riyo Mori - worst day for bettors everIt was by far the worst day for entertainment bettors. Riyo Mori was 150/1 to win the 2007 Miss Universe by many odds makers around the world, but not many bets were collected on Miss Japan. For example, the British online betting website Bet365 had as their favorite to win Miss Tanzania. For some reason. But Riyo Mori was not a name clicked on the betting ticked by many people. "Miss Japan" was definitely not the answer people who asked "who won the Miss Universe?" were expecting.

We did not publish odds for the Miss Universe, because there were way to many options to choose from and betting was a real gamble - as it proved later last night. Bt I have to admit, Riyo Mori, although very beautiful, was never considered by anyone from the staff. Most votes in the office were for Miss Korea (on the hot picture left).

Although, a great day for the bookmakers who took bets on the Miss Universe. Hardly any payouts from the millions of dollars taken by the bookies all over the world for the 2007 Miss Universe winner.


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