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"iPhone" puts betting props on Apple Inc.

The new, and probably the most hyped, mobile phone to come out this year - iPhone - gets betting odds.

"iPhone" puts betting props on Apple Inc. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), the company who brought you the Mac, the iPod and the iTune, has announced June 29th as the release date for their new toy - the IPhone. There is little doubt that the iPhone (a mobile phone slash widescreen iPod with touch controls slash Internet communications device) is one of the most expected gadgets to hit the market this year.

And just as Google got betting odds on the next company they will buy, the online oddsmaker Bodog has published betting props related to the release of the iPhone. Specifically, on the impact the iPhone will have on the stock of Apple Inc. on the NASDAQ. The odds posted by the betting website are on


"What will happen to the value of Apple Inc.'s (AAPL) stock on June 29th, the iPhone's scheduled release date?"

Increase by more than 10.00%

Increase by 8.01% - 10.00%

Increase by 6.01% - 8.00%

Increase by 4.01% - 6.00%

Increase by 2.01% - 4.00%

Increase by 0.01% - 2.00%

No Change (0% change)

Decrease by 0.01% - 5.00%

Decrease by 5.01% - 10.00%

Decrease by more than 10.00%

All wagers will be graded based on the starting and closing values of AAPL on June 29th as reported by

Today Apple's stock closed at $117.50, a little over 2% down from the day before. It seems that the oddsmaker thinks that Apple's stock would most likely decrease on the day of the release of the iPhone. We have no idea why a 5% decrease in the Apple Inc. stock is the favorite outcome on the iPhone day. The device has received its share of criticism, mostly from developers for not providing a better integration of third party apps, but we think this would be hardly a reason for people not to buy the iPhone. It will be introduced through AT&T, and their customers base is large enough to ensure a healthy first-day sales. The hype surrounding the handheld is enormous, and you can hear the chanting of the Apple's fan base.

You will be the coolest guy in the office if you show up on Monday at the office with the new iPhone. Parents can buy their kids an iPod and a cell phone in one neat package. And you will have to go to iTunes to load your new mobile phone with music and videos...

All considered, our prediction is that a stock increase of 4.01% - 6.00% is most likely, but surpassing the 8.01% margin with betting odds of 15/1 is also a very good possibility.

Visit Bodog (official website) and browse to the Entertainment odds if you would like to place a bet on the iPhone impact on the stock of Apple Inc.

Published on 06/14/2007

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