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UFC 72 results and winners, Franklin and Okami

A very though fight between Rich Franklin and Yushin Okami in the UFC 72: Vicotry in Northern Ireland.

UFC 72 results and winners, Franklin and Okami Franklin gave the impression he was the more active fighter in the first two rounds, although Okami's defense was very hard to penetrate. The third round was all about Okami, but at the end, a 29-28 decision by the judges gave the UFC 72 victory to Rich Franklin. The odds were on Franklin winning the UFC 72: Victory all along at -205.

UFC 72 results:

Forrest Griffin won 30-27 against Hector Ramirez. The decision to give the result of this UFC fight to Griffin was met by booing by the public.

Dustin Hazelett wins against Stevie Lynch with a KO at the first round of that UFC 72 fight.

Eddie Sanchez won the UFC fight against Colin Robinson with a TKO at the beginning of round two.

Marcus Davis was victorious against Jason Tan, scoring a TKO against the Englishman in the middle of the first round of this lightweight UFC 72 fight.

Scott Smith lost to Ed Herman when Herman put a chokehold on him towards the end of the first round of this middleweight match.

And finally, the Canadian Jason MacDonald won his UFC 72 fight against Rory Singer by TKO in the second round.

Published on 06/16/2007

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