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Britney Spears angry over offensive radio ads

Lawyers for Britney Spears have demanded that a Florida radio station remove advertisements which feature her with a shaved head, claiming "offensive" to Britney.

Britney Spears angry over offensive radio ads The Florida radio station WFLZ ran a series of billboard advertisements which featured the picture of shaved Britney Spears with slogans such as "Total nut jobs", Shock Therapy" and "Certifiable". The young singer's lawyers have requested the immediate removal of the billboards, claiming the adds were offensive and destructive to the image of Britney Spears.

Radio station representative said that the ads were removed, but the station was not happy about it. WFLZ is owned by Clear Channel Communications, Inc. (NYSE:CCU) and according to the lawyers of Britney Spears, the company was "already exposed to substantial liability for its offensive, unauthorized commercial exploitation".

The singer is reportedly attempting a come-back and working on her next album. This was immediately picked up by the bookmakers and odds on Britney Spears next album are already available for betting. The online oddsmaker Bodog Sports has published the following odds on what the name of Britney Spears next album will be:

You'll Never See it My Way...

Omg is Like Lindsay Lohan Like Okay Like

What If The Joke Is On You

Down Boy



I've Never Left

To Kevin with Love


Britney Spears is also a part of another betting prop at the bookmaker. She holds one of the top odds on which celebrity will be the next to be arrested for a DUI. Britney Spears with odds of 6/1 is behind only Lily Allen with 4/1. Britney Spears even beats Lindsay Lohan which hold the odds of 11/2 to be the next arrested for DUI.

Published on 06/19/2007

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