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Hillary Clinton campaign theme song chosen

The theme song of the 2008 democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been chosen.

Hillary Clinton campaign theme song chosen Keeping up with the times, Hillary Clinton decided to leave her campaign song in the hands of her supporters. Hillary let the people vote to choose her campaign song and the results are in. The chosen Hillary Clinton campaign theme song is: Celine Dion "You & I". 

 Last month we write that the online bookmaker Bodog had published betting odds on Hillary's song. And Celine Dion's "You &I" had the betting odds of 8/1 to be chosen by the public. The favorite was U2 with "Beautiful Day" and our prediction was that Tina Turner's "The Best" will be the Hillary Clinton new campaign song. Well, we were all wrong and a big payout comes to those who cared to wager a few bucks on Hillary's betting prop. With those odds, Hillary Clinton will pay out $80 for ever $10 bet.

 Congratulations to all the winners, and good luck to Hillary Clinton with this song as the theme for her presidential campaign.

Published on 06/19/2007

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