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Kobe Bryant video displays frustration

Yet another controversy surrounding Kobe Bryant this week, this time a video is involved.

Kobe Bryant video displays frustration The NBA star is currently vacationing with his family in Europe, but his absence from the United States did not prevent him from taking part in the latest controversy.

First came the rumors that Kobe Bryant officially confirmed his request to be traded.

This report proved to be wrong, after all. A message on his website, in which he expressed his feelings that he and the Lakers have different vision, was labeled as posted on June 17th. The message, however, was posted originally on May 30th. This mistake was picked up by the Associate Press and made national headlines yesterday.

The Kobe Bryant video, on the other side, could prove quite damaging to the NBA player. An amateur video of Kobe Bryant may be released by the end of the week. The men who shot the video claim that Kobe Bryant was criticizing the team’s management and the Lakers center Andrew Bynum. A small part of the Kobe Bryant video was released, and you can watch it below.

The video makers have announced that they will release the full video, if enough money has been collected through donations. There is a possibility that the video will be exclusively sold to the highest bidder. The men remain anonymous, fearing retributions from the Lakers, and identify themselves simply as "The Kobe Video Guys".

According to one of the Kobe Video Guys, the footage was shot in a shopping center parking lot in Newport Coast, California, where Kobe Bryant lives. The Kobe Video Guys intend to charge $1.99 through their Web site, believing that they would make more money that way.

The Lakers are aware of the video but are declining to comment.

Watch Kobe Bryant video:


Published on 06/19/2007

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