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Antigua asks for $3.4 billion yearly from the U.S. on Internet gambling issue

Representatives of Antigua and Barbuda are asking for $3.4 billion in sanctions to the United States after winning the Internet gambling dispute.

Antigua asks for $3.4 billion yearly from the U.S. on Internet gambling issue The amount will be imposed on the U.S. yearly, for each year the United States fail to comply with the Word Trade Organization ruling that its online gambling laws violate the free trade agreements. Antigua is also asking WTO for authorization to target American trademarks and copyrights if the U.S. refuses to alter its legislation and allow foreign gambling websites to operate in the States.

Antigua's Finance Minister L. Errol Cort said in a statement: “While we realize this is a significant step for Antigua and Barbuda to take, we feel we have no other choice in the matter. Until such time as the United States is willing to work with us on achieving a reasonable solution to this trade dispute, we will continue to use every legitimate remedy available to protect the interests of our citizens.”

The move by Antigua comes a day after the European Union told the United States it too wanted compensation for the U.S. ban on foreign online gambling sites.

Published on 06/20/2007

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