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Gia Allemand makes the Maxim, not Carl Pavano

The stunning beauty Gia Allemand will not make it Mrs. Carl Pavano, but her pictures are now on the Maxim.

Gia Allemand makes the Maxim, not Carl Pavano Everybody suspected that there must be a good reason Carl Pavano can't pitch anymore. His former girlfriend Gia Allemand sexy pictures are now public view at the Maxim. Go take a look and you will get the idea. Or you can just wait for the Maxim issue to arrive at your door and take a look at the hot-bod.

 Gia Allemand dumped Carl Pavano after she found out he was cheating on her. Allemand has won many beauty pageants in the past, but a swim suit photo shoot was what really opened the door for the female model.

 Now that Gia Allemand has graduated from college this year from the University of Hartford she can devote her time to pursuing her dream and we can see a lot more to come from Gia. Pictures and videos of the New York beauty can be seen at Maxim online.

Published on 06/21/2007

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