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Neteller email scam possible soon

Scammer could obtain sensitive personal information from millions of Americans.

Neteller email scam possible soon After the recent Moneybookers email scam described by Gambling911, we advise everyone to keep their eyes open for the upcoming one - Neteller. The #1 online gambling transaction processor announced this month that a plan has been drawn and agreed upon, to distribute the funds owned to U.S. customers. The plan has an implementation period of 180 days.

 A quote from Neteller's press release reads: "Further information will be communicated to NETELLER’s US customers via email, through our website and through a press release once the date for implementation of the Distribution Plan is finalized."

 Misinterpretation by some publications made people believe that U.S. customers will be informed by Neteller only via email about the methods of receiving their money. This creates a possibility of future Neteller phishing emails - fake Neteller emails sent out by crooks, in order to get to your personal information. As peer-to-peer and person-to-business transfers by U.S. customers have been disabled by Neteller, your money will be safe, but fraudsters could ask you for sensitive information, such as I.D. and social security numbers.

 We urge every former Neteller customer from USA to exercise caution if an email has been received, claiming to be from Neteller.

 If such email has been received - it could be from Neteller PLC, or it could be from a spammer. Visit our website before you take any further action, as we will publish Neteller's press release, as soon as it becomes available. Calling Neteller's offices directly and inquiring about the email is another way you can protect yourself from future fraud.

 Keep in mind that phishing techniques are quite sophisticated these days and could fool anyone.

Published on 06/24/2007

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