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Paris Hilton grants Larry King her first post-jail interview

The $1 million deal for the Paris Hilton first interview did not go through, and now Larry King will be the first to ask the post-jail questions on Wednesday.

Paris Hilton grants Larry King her first post-jail interview A spokesman for Paris Hilton announced that Larry King will be the lucky journalist to take the first interview of Paris Hilton after she leaves jail. Paris is expected to be released on Tuesday from the Los Angeles jail, where she has been serving since June 3 for charges related to various traffic violations.

 Earlier this week a possible deal between ABC and Paris Hilton was made public, with the network offering $100,000 for an interview and photos. But according to rumors, Paris Hilton asked for $1 million to grant the interview to the network. People magazine had made a deal to pay $300,000 for an interview with Paris, accompanied by photos.

 Due to all the publicity, mostly negative, surrounding all the deals, the bidders have withdrawn their offers and Paris Hilton made public through her publicist, that she will not seek money for her first post-jail interview. And Larry King will be fortunate to interview Paris Hilton, emphasizing that no money has exchanged hands, especially as "Larry King never pays for interviews".

You can watch the interview of Paris Hilton on Larry King Live, CNN, Wednesday night.

 Online betting websites have long been publishing betting props on celebrity figures, and Paris Hilton is no different. Although her current residence prevents the young Hilton of getting in trouble, odds are available on various props at the betting site Bodog (new window). For example, Paris Hilton remains the underdog to be arrested for a DUI first, among a list of other celebrities, with odds at 12/1. And if Paris appears on "The View" by the end of 2007, she will bring some lucky bettors three times their money.

Published on 06/24/2007

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