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E.U. Internet gambling sanctions against other countries

United States may not be the only country getting a pounding from the E.U. via sanctions because of their Internet gambling laws.

E.U. Internet gambling sanctions against other countries According to new reports, the European Commission will censure France, Greece and Sweden this week for restrictions they have placed on sports gambling.

 "There will be some decisions made probably tomorrow by the college (of commissioners) on a number of member states. This concerns France, Greece and Sweden for the moment. Those are the decisions on the calendar for tomorrow," Oliver Drewes, a spokesman for the European Union's executive arm, told a regular briefing.

 A final warning was issued to France and Sweden last week by the European Commission. Greece was also warned, but for a first time.

 However, the E.U. will not seek a legislation to be adopted by the entire Union, instead they will seek sanctions, just as they would do in the similar case against the United States and its Internet gambling laws.

 The Commission has opened legal actions against many EU states, saying a string of European Court of Justice rulings have given it the basis to crack down on national restrictions to competitors.

Published on 06/26/2007

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