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Cops raid Chris Benoit doctor's office after steroids found

 After the police found steroids and prescription drugs at Chris Benoit home, raid on his doctor's office followed.

Cops raid Chris Benoit doctor's office after steroids found Following the latest reports, the office of Dr. Phil Astin, Chris Benoit doctor and long-time friend, was conducted around midnight. According to Fox News, state and federal drug agents staged a late-night raid of the offices of pro wrestler Chris Benoit's personal physician and met with the district attorney investigating the Benoit murder-suicide on Thursday morning to see if any charges should be filed.

The authorities say that the raid was conducted after steroids and Schedule 2, 3, and 4 narcotic drugs were found at Benoit's home during the investigation of his murder-suicide. The exact names of the drugs were not released. Dr. Phil Astin was present for the raid when officials ceased computers and medical records from his office. He also admitted prescribing testosterone for Chris Benoit in the past.

According to WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt, although Benoit received deliveries from an Internet pharmacy called MedXLife, and that company is under investigation with more than 20 arrests of doctors and pharmacists taking place, the drugs in Benoit's home were legitimately prescribed. The WWE attorney also claims that none of the drugs found at Benoit's home came from online pharmacies.

Published on 06/28/2007

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