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Big Brother: Jonathan and Ziggy request to leave BB8

 The drama of Big Brother 8 is in full force, after Jonathan said he wants to leave the show, Ziggy has submitted the same request.

Big Brother: Jonathan and Ziggy request to leave BB8 Big Brother 8 proved for really though times for the bookmakers and bettors alike. First, the "Big Brother" contestant Jonathan has announced he wants to leave house. Now Ziggy wants out of the BB8 House, too. Although Jonathan never had a chance, with betting odds of 40/1, as offered by the British online sportsbook Bet365, Ziggy was one of the favourites to win Big Brother 8, odds on him 8/1.

 Jonathan, a 49-year-old millionaire, finally came to his senses: "I'm very happy but walking around with Brian this morning I asked myself why I was here. I'm alright so I can stop doing this." Duh! According to Jonathan, his decision was not based on anything that has happened in the Big Brother House, but on self-realization. Although he decided to sleep on the decision before leaving the show.

 Ziggy, on the other side, is leaving because of the BB8 House. According to the website of the show,  "Someone's very, very young and using words which they don't really know the meaning of. Words that could be detrimental to somebody," was the reason he gave for quitting. Later Ziggy elaborated that he was upset that Charley had branded him a "pervert", because of his relationship with 19-year-old Chanelle.

 "It's Charley man, she uses words and doesn't know what they mean. She called me a pervert. She's called me it once so God knows what she'll call me again," said the upset Ziggy.

 Jonathan has also been called "pervert" on quite a few occasions by the female contestants. It seems the right word to call someone if you want them out of the Big Brother.


Published on 06/28/2007

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