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Cynthia Rodriguez with "F-You" t-shirt

 It took a month for Cynthia-Rodriguez, wife of Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez, to come out with an "official" statement.

Cynthia Rodriguez with "F-You" t-shirt After the New York Post got a photo of her husband Alex, now Cynthia Rodriguez is a victim of the camera. At the Yankee Stadium stands at Sunday's day game, Cynthia was wearing a tight-fitting tank top with lettering that read "F*** You" across the back.

 The New York Post was again the lucky one to take the picture, which they published under the headline "F-Rod". According to the Post, the steamed parents of some young Yankees fans alerted ballpark security about the vulgar shirt, which may have violated stadium policy.

 Picture of Alex Rodriguez with a blond woman, later identified as a Las Vegas stripper, entering a joint in Canada, were published by the New York Post a little over a month ago, stirring one of the biggest baseball player controversy this year. Back then, Cynthia Rodriguez declined to comment and stood by her husband. Betting odds on a future Rodriguez divorce were also available.

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Published on 07/02/2007

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