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Joanne Sarantakos - wife of Cameron Diaz boyfriend Criss Angel

 In a divorce proceedings started by Joanne Sarantakos, Cameron Diaz is slapped with subpoena.

Joanne Sarantakos - wife of Cameron Diaz boyfriend Criss Angel According to the latest reports, Joanne Sarantakos, wife of the magician Criss Angel, will be subpoenaing Cameron Diaz, naming Diaz as his lover.

 Criss Angel has recently been publicly linked to actress Cameron Diaz, and his wife is claiming adultery, filing for a divorce and looking to take a piece of his money. According to the lawyers of Joanne Sarantakos, she has been married to Criss Angel for five years, but he severed all communications with his wife as soon as he became famous. Sarantakos also claims that Criss provided zero financial support to his estranged wife.

 Criss Angel's lawyers denied all accusations, but Joanne was quoted saying: "I'm going to rip his heart out."

 Neither Cameron Diaz nor Criss Angel have publicly admitted to having a relationship, but have been photographed together numerous times, and Criss even dedicated his latest stunt to Diaz. But in the media, he claims they are just very good friends.

Published on 07/02/2007

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