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Copa America: Uruguay and Mexico best odds

 The 2007 "Copa America" is a great event for the soccer bettors during the summer, and the Wednesday games of Mexico and Uruguay prove best for betting.

Copa America: Uruguay and Mexico best odds Unless you expect a miracle from Ecuador, their match against Brazil on Thursday is already decided. But the Copa-America games on Wednesday, the 4th of July, offer the best betting odds and could swing either way.

  The U.K. online bookmaker Bet365 (new window) offers the odds of 2.50 for Mexico against Chile with odds of 2.80, and 3.10 for a draw. Do not miss this match, as Mexico has almost qualified to advance, after beating Brazil 2-0, and there is a possibility that a lot of the stars will be resting for the Wednesday's Copa America game.

Chile on the other side knows that Brazil will get 3 points on Thursday and that they will play against a "weaker" Mexico team. A draw or even Chilean victory is quite possible, and the odds on each are quite fat. Mexico should avoid a loss of more than three goals in order to secure the top spot in Group B, so keep that in mind when betting on goals or Asian handicapping.

 In Copa America Group A, Venezuela against Uruguay is another game on Wednesday with great odds. Bet365 online offers betting odds of 3.00 on Venezuela win, draw is 2.87 and 2.50 on Uruguay winning this Copa America game.

 The match depends on the outcome of the Tuesday game between Peru and Bolivia, because Venezuela can secure first place in the group with a win, or a draw and a Peru loss. But Uruguay can secure first place in the group with a win and a Peru loss or draw. Thus, both teams will be pushing hard for a win on Wednesday. A draw is the likely outcome of this game.

Our Copa America predictions for the Wednesday games:

Group A: Venezuela - Uruguay, we predict 0-0 or 1-1

Group B: Mexico v Chile, we predict 1-1 or 1-2

Published on 07/02/2007

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