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Barack Obama with different strategy in Iowa

 While the Clintons rally in West Iowa, Barack Obama will visit the central and eastern parts of the state.

Barack Obama with different strategy in Iowa Iowa, the state with the first caucuses of the nomination process, is getting a lot of attention from the Democratic leaders in the 2008 Presidential Race. Just after Barack Obama announced his record-breaking fundraising skills on Sunday, he is going on a two-day travel across the state of Iowa.

 Over $32 million in contributions for the second quarter was reported by the Obama's camp. The numbers would make for a much more confident Barack Obama in Iowa this week. The Democrat announced a campaign approach much different from Hilary, and for that matter, his usual style of campaigning. He will focus on smaller meetings with the locals, something that many analysts believe is not the strong side of the candidate.

 There are no improvements in the odds on Barack Obama to win the 2008 Presidential Elections, remaining at 7/2 by and 10/3 by the British oddsmaker Bet365, despite the record number of his Q2 fundraiser. All bookmakers are currently awaiting the poll results, after the two top Democrats are done sweet-talking Iowa, before they adjust the odds.

Published on 07/03/2007

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