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Prince William and Kate Middleton back together

 It has been three months since Prince William and Kate Middleton split up, and now they may be back on the saddle.

Prince William and Kate Middleton back together The four-year long romance between Prince William of Wales, the second in line to the British throne, and Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" Middleton, ended three months ago and started one of the biggest entertainment betting campaign, much to our surprise. Rumours of engagement mixing with gossip of upcoming break-up drove the odds on the young couple up and down all year long, until April of 2007, when the two broke up.

 The reason behind the break-up of Prince William and Kate Middleton was never made public by either party, but speculations and "sources close to the couple" point out most often that Kate  Middleton felt William had not been paying her enough attention, and that Prince William is no stranger to other young women.

 But The Sun, which also broke the news about the split-up, cited an unidentified royal source as saying the couple were "closer than ever," after the memorial concert dedicated to Princes Diana. The pair were also spotted sharing a candlelit drink before going on to the concert after-party.

 The report prompted the British bookmaker Ladbrokes to announce it would no longer take bets on who Prince William will marry. After their break-up, bookmakers initially put the odds on the couple marrying at 16/1, but the odds eventually improved to a 1/3 chance as more gamblers put their money on Kate Middleton.

 The new romance between Prince William and Kate Middleton has not been confirmed by either party, as of yet.

Published on 07/06/2007

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