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Amy Polumbo (Miss New Jersey) scandal, photos and blackmail

 Photos of Miss New Jersey, Amy Polumbo, spark the latest scandal from the beauty pageants. 

Amy Polumbo (Miss New Jersey) scandal, photos and blackmail Amy Polumbo, the 2007 Miss New Jersey, held a press conference to announce that she will not give in to threats and blackmail. The 22-year-old Miss New Jersey is determined not to let the blackmailer win.

Update to the story - click here, the photos released

 According to Amy Polumbo's lawyer, Anthony Caruso, a package of photos of the beauty have been received, and the anonymous sender is asking Miss New Jersey to give up her Crown by Friday, or her pictures will be made public. Her lawyer comments that the pictures show Amy Polumbo with friends, and some of them "may have been pictures that she posted some years ago on a private web site".

 Caruso declined to elaborate further, but said that the blackmailers simply try to make the pictures out worse than they really are. He didn't want to say anything else, as more pictures could arrive and change everything. The latter sparked a search frenzy on the Internet today - everyone seems to be looking for the private website hosting the scandalous pictures of Amy Polumbo. No "winners" so far.

 Amy Polumbo won Miss New Jersey in June, which gave her the right to compete in the Miss America beauty pageant. Polumbo had entered and won her only other pageant appearance as Miss Seashore Line.

 Ironically, when Amy Polumbo won the Crown, she said that she would like to raise more awareness and education of Internet safety issues to help protect children from cyber-predators and dangerous situations.

Published on 07/05/2007

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