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UFC 73 fights from the Stacked card and odds

 Another round of UFC fights will take place in Sacramento, CA, this Saturday, July 7th, and Tito Ortiz vs. Rashad Evans is not the only fight worth watching.

UFC 73 fights from the Stacked card and odds We have already looked at the major UFC 73 event - Ortiz vs. Evans a couple of days back, you can read it by following the link at the bottom of the page. Despite the publicity that MMA fight is getting, it's certainly not the only one worth watching. Total of nine fights are lined up on the UFC 73 card, and here we'll take a look at another top three UFC 73 fights, including betting odds on each fighter, which we think will match, if not even exceed, the entertainment value of the Ortiz-Evans brawl.

Nate Marquardt Vs. Anderson Silva
Betting odds as posted by Bodog Sports: Nate Marquardt (+130), Anderson Silva (-160)

Nate Marquardt, "The Great", is an experienced MMA fighter with a record of 28 wins. The 28-year-old has won his three previous UFC fights, the last one against Dean Lister in January. Most of the time Nate Marquardt fights all the way through the three rounds, which would be great if it happens tomorrow night, as the UFC 73: Stacked is on Pay-per-View, and no one likes paying for short fights. Marquardt admits that Silva will be one of his toughest opponents yet.
Anderson Silva, "The Spider", is a good match for Nate, with MMA record of 18 wins. Silva also won his past three UFC fights (last one in February), but he usually brings them to an end in the first or second round, tops. It would be interesting to see if Marquardt would hold off Silva until the third round on Saturday.

Hermes Franca Vs. Sean Sherk
Betting odds as posted by Bodog Sports: Hermes Franca (+220), Sean Sherk (-280)

Hermes Franca has the though job of fighting Sherk this Saturday at the UFC 73. Many believe, including the sportsbooks, that this UFC fight will be "short and sweet" for Sean Sherk, but we beg to differ. Although Hermes Franca MMA record of 19 wins cannot match Sean Sherk's 35, Franca would have much more drive to further establish himself in the cage. We think that this will be the surprise many bettors expect from UFC 73, despite the odds being heavily "Stacked" against Hermes Franca. Both fighters usually fight 3+ rounds at UFC fights and this will be a good one to watch on the 7th.

Mark Bocek Vs. Frank Edgar 
Betting odds as posted by Bodog Sports: Mark Bocek (+190), Frank Edgar (-250)

We don't have an opinion about this fight, as both fighters are new to the UFC. Mark Bocek has a MMA record of 4-0-0 and Frank Edgar 6-0-0, and both are the same age, 25. Not enough fights to make a good judgment, but at the same time Bocek and Edgar will be striving to make a name in the UFC, which should result in a very nice fight. It's always a must to watch UFC rookies because they always give 110% on the ring.

UFC 73: Stacked will start on Saturday, July 7th at 10:00pm EST. Fight will be broadcasted live on Pay-Per-View from Arco Arena in Sacramento, California.

Published on 07/06/2007

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