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Tyna Robertson: Urlacher sent dirty text messages

 The nasty battle between Tyna Robertson and Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher continues, text messages included.

Tyna Robertson: Urlacher sent dirty text messages Brian Urlacher and Tyna Robertson are battling in a custody case over their 2-year-old son Kennedy, and the end is nowhere near, not by a long shot. As their nasty custody case continues, in court papers Tyna Robertson claims that Brian Urlacher have sent her over 30 nasty text messages this year. Some of the messages allegedly read:

"Go to hell you f*****."
"Grow the f*** up and quit praying and get a job."
"You're a f****** fruit cake."
"Your raising a little p***y."

 Tyna also claims that the NFL player celled her "hooker" and "jealous bitch" in another series of text messages. Urlacher is denying the allegations, questioning Robertson's integrity in the past.

 Tyna Robinson, a former stripper, accused in the past Michael Flatley (Lord of the Dance) of raping her and sued him for $35 million. That case didn't go anywhere, and Flatley is currently suing Tyna for extortion and defamation. Robinson have made the same claims against a doctor from Naperville, Illinois.

 Considering her past occupation, Urlacher filed suit to establish paternity of his child, Kennedy, in 2005. The NFL linebacker said he was willing to support Kennedy, but not his mother. The custody battle has been raging since October of 2006.

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Published on 07/08/2007

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