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Reporter Amy Jacobson caught at Craig Stebic pool

 The NBC reporter, Amy Jacobson was caught in a bikini at the pool of Craig Stebic.

Reporter Amy Jacobson caught at Craig Stebic pool This story is the classic example of integrity - either you have it, or you don't. The Chicago NBC reporter Amy Jacobson was caught on video in a swimsuit, near the pool of Craig Stebic, the man whose wife disappeared two months ago. And Amy Jacobson, the reporter dispatched by NBC to cover the story about Stebic's wife disappearance, ended up in a bikini at his pool.

 Amy Jacobson, Craig Stebic and his two children were filmed by a rival TV station. On the video, Jacobson was wearing a bikini top with towel around her bottom, and Craig was bare-chested, all four relaxing at Stebic's house in Plainfield, a Chicago suburb.

 Attorney of Amy Jacobson is quoted by the Chicago Tribune as saying Stebic's sister had invited Jacobson to stop by to talk about the case involving Stebic's wife.

 The station Amy Jacobson was reporting for, WMAQ, came out with a statement that the incident is undergoing an investigation. Jacobson has not appeared on air since.

Published on 07/10/2007

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