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Amy Polumbo: More blackmail pictures received

 Crowned "Miss New Jersey" just a month ago, Amy Polumbo has received a second package of private pictures from the blackmailer(s).

Amy Polumbo: More blackmail pictures received Amy Polumbo won Miss New Jersey in June, usually a very happy occasion for any young woman, but ever since Amy took the Crown, she has been living a nightmare. The scandal began when Amy Polumbo received a package from an anonymous sender, with pictures of the new Miss New Jersey, which have been taken off a private website. The blackmailer demanded that Amy Polumbo surrenders her Crown, or the photos will be made public.

 The Jersey beauty announced in a press conference that she will not give in to blackmail and extortion. But on Saturday, her lawyer, Anthony Caruso, informed Polumbo that another package with a threatening note and more pictures of the 22-year-old have been received.

 Caruso has kept silent to the actual content of the pictures, neither confirming or declining if the pictures are nude, involving drugs or exhibiting any other "bad behavior". All that has been revealed, is that the pictures of Amy Polumbo have been taken from a private website (some reports claim Facebook) and show Amy with friends. Caruso hinted that the captions on the photos is what troubled the newly crowned beauty queen.

 The scandal forced Amy Polumbo to appear on the Today show and attempt to save face, although she would still not reveal what exactly is on those pictures. Amy assured the viewers that she does not know who is sending the packages. Miss New Jersey says she has not seen the second package, but the pictures from the first are not pornographic. At the same time, Polumbo admits that depending on the interpretation of the photos, she could probably be stripped off the Crown.

 Amy Polumbo vows to continue her Miss America quest and not to give up the Miss New Jersey Crown, despite the blackmailer's demands.

Published on 07/09/2007

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