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Video of toddler on ecstasy could be real

 The newly surfaced video of a 2-year-old child "rolling" on ecstasy could be real or fake, but the cops are on it.

Video of toddler on ecstasy could be real In the video, a toddler, who appears to be around 2 years of age, sits huddled on the floor in the back seat of a minivan, her eyes rolling back in her head as the young women in the car tease, laugh and poke at her. At times, she looks unresponsive to a teen playing with her face and sticking iPod speakers in her ears.

At least four females, who appear to be in their teens or early 20's, are captured on tape laughing at the little girl as she sits stone-faced throughout most of the 2 minute clip. Another child, also not wearing a seat belt, can be seen in the back seat of the vehicle. "She's rolling, girl, she's rolling," a female voice could be heard on the video.

A spokesman for the Harris County Sheriff's Office, told ABC News that the police does not have enough information at this time to determine if the video is real, and the child has actually been given ecstasy. According to the sheriffs, the story of the occupants in the minivan is - they made the girl pretend she was on the drug. FBI agents from Houston are also looking into the case and talking to the young girl. Child services are another agency involved in the case.

The video of the toddler on ecstasy was quickly taken off YouTube.

You can watch the toddler on ecstasy video below, warning, adult content:


Published on 07/10/2007

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