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Posh and Beckham magazine photos, how 'bout some football?

 David Beckham is coming to LA Galaxy, but the first stop of the footballer and his wife Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) is not the stadium.

Posh and Beckham magazine photos, how 'bout some football? David Beckham, one of the best football players in Europe, is coming to America, a country where soccer does not rank among the popular sports by a long shot. On a contract reportedly worth over $250 million, Beckham will join LA Galaxy, a team second from bottom in the MLS Western Standings.

 It is no surprise that the arrival of the Beckhams is enjoying publicity equal to the pope - $250 million is a very big number, and hard to justify, too. With $250 million you can assemble 5-6 soccer teams full of great players, and even if you fork out that much on a single team, it would be money well spent. But a single player, no matter how good, could hardly turn a struggling team around. And when David Beckham gets paid over 500 times more than his teammates - managing LA Galaxy will be a nightmare for the president Alexi Lalas.

 Of course LA Galaxy did not buy a player, they bought a celebrity. Proof is the latest buzz around Beckham - the pictures of him with his wife Victoria, aka Posh Spice. You would hardly see any soccer related news about Beckham, but pictures of him and Posh - you got it.

How will David Beckham "pay back" the money? Beckham's jersey is expected to be the best selling this year in the United States. ESPN will have an enormous coverage of Beckham's debut game with Galaxy on the 21st of July. And sponsors are already lining up.

 Are we going to see some football? Not likely. Maybe in the first couple of games Galaxy would do anything to help David Beckham score a goal or two, but that would be it. We will see a lot of Victoria Beckham, though. About her new show, the couple adjusting to the American way of living (read Hollywood way of living), maybe some rumours about Beckham and Tom Cruise, something about scientology. A DUI would also "Spice" things up. And pictures, a lot of pictures. Keep your eyes open for David and Victoria in their underwear on the Galaxy stadium and next to the Hollywood sign.

 Good news for the bettors, though. We will track the MLS odds on Galaxy, and if we find a sportsbook naive enough to lower the odds on the L.A. team, just because David Beckham is playing - we would let our readers know about it and take advantage. A good bet against Galaxy is hard to come by.

Published on 07/12/2007

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