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Formula 1: No US Grand Prix in 2008 for Indianapolis

 After year-long negotiations, an agreement between Formula 1 and Indianapolis Motor Speedways was not reached.

Formula 1: No US Grand Prix in 2008 for Indianapolis Indianapolis Motor Speedway chief executive Tony George has failed in his efforts to reach an agreement with Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone over a new contract, effectively taking out the US Grand Prix from the F1 calendar in 2008.

A new deal was necessary between Formula 1 and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but recent negotiations between Tony George and Bernie Ecclestone were unsuccessful.

 The original timeline of the deal for the US Grand Prix began in 2000 and ended in 2006, but one year extension was signed, giving hopes for the future Formula 1 races in the United States. But yesterday  Tony George announced that the parties were unable to hammer out a new contract for the near term.

 A door has been left open for a potential future date, but for now, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway will not host any Formula 1 events, which means that there will be only 17 events in the 2008 Formula 1 calendar.

Published on 07/13/2007

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