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Obama Girls vs. Giuliani Girls - 2008 Election Race in its finest

 The 2008 Presidential Elections are next year, but the latest stunt is on - Obama Girls are facing the Giuliani Girl.

Obama Girls vs. Giuliani Girls - 2008 Election Race in its finest Just as we thought it could not get any dumber than this, now another Obama Girl video is out. You can watch it at the bottom of this page. True, the girls are hot, the music is somewhat bearable, but is that how we are going to choose the next President? Whoever has the most girl-videos wins...

 It all started with the Obama Girl, than it was Hillary Girl, now a face off between the Obama Girls and Giuliani Girls. It's fun as a form of entertainment, but the amount of attention these videos are getting is ridiculous. Let's hope that our next President will not be determined by the size of the boobs of the girls singing his/her song.

 It was really fun in the beginning but if we see one more "Presidential Candidate" Girl...Arrrgh... How about a song for the brave men and women fighting insurgents in Iraq? With both candidates banking millions in campaign contributions every month, maybe the Obama Girls and the Giuliani girls should get together and lift up the spirit of people who actually need it...

Watch the Obama Girls vs. Giuliani Girls:


Published on 07/16/2007

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