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Hillary Clinton gets her own crush video

 American Idol contestant Taryn Southern got a video out for Hillary Clinton - take that Obama Girl.

Hillary Clinton gets her own crush video Taryn Southern, contestant in the 2003 American Idol, has made a video for Hillary Clinton, in the lines of the famous Barack Obama ""I've Got A Crush On Obama". The latest video to support a Presidential Candidate in a sexual way is called "Hott4Hill".

 It is yet to be seen if the video will spark a controversy, as Taryn Southern is a woman, which slightly complicates the message of the video :)

 Odds on Hillary Clinton to win the 2008 Presidential Elections remain at 2/1, as posted by the bookmaker Bodog Sports. Obama is following with odds 9/2.

 Watch the Hillary Clinton video "Hott4Hill" below. Scroll down to watch the Obama Girl video.



I've Got A Crush On Obama:


Published on 07/11/2007

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