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Chris Benoit drug report released and steroids found

 The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has released the toxicology tests of the former pro wrestler Chris Benoit, and there are traces of steroids in his blood.

Chris Benoit drug report released and steroids found According to the toxicology results published today, Chris Benoit had an elevated level of steroids in his system when he killed his wife and son and then took his own life. The drug reports also show that Benoit's son, Daniel, was sedated at the time of his murder, and that prescription drug traces were found in the blood of Nancy Benoit.

 Referring to the steroids in Chris Benoit, Dr. Kris Sperry said, "This level of testosterone indicates that he had been using testosterone at least within some reasonably short period of time prior to the time that he died, depending on how it was injected, the form that it was used."

 What happened to Chris Benoit

 Last month authorities came to the conclusion that Chris Benoit killed his wife Nancy Benoit and their 7-year-old son Daniel at their home in Atlanta, Georgia. Police found the bodies in three different rooms, and according to the reconstructed scene of the murder-suicide, the following took place at the Benoits home: Nancy Benoit was murdered first, her husband had his knee in her back as he pulled on a cord that was around her neck; Daniel appeared to have been killed in a chokehold because he had internal neck injuries but no visible bruises; Chris Benoit killed himself by wrapping a cord around his neck that was attached to a weight machine.

Published on 07/17/2007

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