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Samantha Ronson, Lindsay Lohan bud, files lawsuit against websites

 The DJ Samantha Ronson, BFF of Lindsay Lohan, has filed lawsuit against celebrity gossip websites.

Samantha Ronson, Lindsay Lohan bud, files lawsuit against websites The somewhat known DJ Samantha Ronson has filed a $20 million libel lawsuit against the people behind two gossipy celebrity Web sites - and According to the court papers, the lawsuit is accusing the people behind the websites for reporting that Samantha Ronson was the owner of the drugs found in Lindsay Lohan's car, and that Ronson was getting money from reporters in exchange for updated info on Lindsay's whereabouts.

 Named in the suite are Mario Lavandeira, who runs under the same name, and Jill Ishkanian who runs the site. In court papers, attorneys for Ronson say that both sites' proprietors knew that the items they were posting about Ronson were false, but published them with "actual malice." Mario Lavandeira denied he had done anything wrong and wrote to ABC News: "I think my inclusion in the lawsuit against Sunset News & Photos has no merit and was just done for publicity-seeking purposes."

 Lindsay Lohan meanwhile has enough trouble of her own with the Internets. The website has been getting enough traffic to crash a few times, after they announced that the website has intentions of publishing naked pictures of Lindsay Lohan, which they have acquired through a "friend". No pictures have been posted yet and it could just turn out to be a publicity stunt.

 At least Lindsay Lohan is taking the right steps toward sobriety - she is now wearing an alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet. Lohan enrolled in the program voluntary to show that she is really serious about staying sober. Lindsay recently completed a 45-day in-patient rehab program, which she entered a day after she crashed her Mercedes, and some drugs were found in the car. The same drugs Samantha Ronson is now suing the celebrity gossip websites about.

Published on 07/17/2007

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