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Amy Polumbo, Miss New Jersey photos revealed

 After weeks of blackmail, the pictures of the Miss New Jersey, Amy Polumbo, were finally made public, and what a disappointment.

Amy Polumbo, Miss New Jersey photos revealed The very disappointing pictures of Miss New Jersey were revealed today. When you hear about a blackmail case involving pictures, you would expect some necked scenes, drug use or drunk behavior. Nothing of the sorts in the Amy Polumbo pictures.

What do the pictures of Miss N.J. show? Nothing - her boyfriend grabbing her (covered) breasts was probably the most "scandalous" of them all. You can see the famous photos of Amy Polumbo below, and judge for yourself. At the end, it turns out that it is most likely a publicity stunt by Miss New Jersey, because there is no reason NOT to make these photos public as soon as they were "received".

Congratulations Miss New Jersey for a game well played!

Click here to watch the photos of Miss New Jersey, along with her commentary.

Published on 07/12/2007

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