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Michael Vick to skip Atlanta Falcons training camp

 Commissioner Roger Goodell has ordered the Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick not to attend the team's training camp.

Michael Vick to skip Atlanta Falcons training camp Michael Vick, who is under an investigation by the FBI for allegedly participating in the illegal dogfighting ring known under the name "Bad Newz Kennels", has been ordered  by the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell not to attend the Atlanta Falcons' training camp.

 "While it is for the criminal justice system to determine your guilt or innocence, it is my responsibility as commissioner of the National Football League to determine whether your conduct, even if not criminal, nonetheless violated league policies, including the Personal Conduct Policy," Goodell said in an open letter to the quarterback.

 Earlier on Monday, animal-rights advocates and their dogs protested outside Atlanta Falcons headquarters, calling for the suspension of Michael Vick, following his indictment on dogfighting charges. The NFL has advised the Atlanta Falcons to withhold any possible disciplinary actions against Michael Vick until the League's investigation is completed. Vick would not forfeit his preseason pay, however. Goodell said he expects their review of the case to be completed soon, and full cooperation from the Falcons quarterback is expected.

 This comes as the first action by the NFL from what could turn out to be a series of punishments for Michael Vick's alleged participation in a dogfight operation. Vick was indicted on the 17th of this month and charged with conspiracy to travel in interstate commerce in aid of unlawful activities and to sponsor a dog in an animal fighting venture, according to court documents.

 The indictment was a result of an FBI investigation, which led to the discovery of over 50 dog graves on Vick's Virginia property. According to the authorities, the dogs were either killed during illegal fights, or for not performing well during the illegal activities. Equipment used in dogfighting was also found on Michael Vick's property in Surry County, Virginia.

Published on 07/23/2007

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