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"Bad Newz Kennels" ran dog fights on Michael Vick property

 Alleged dog fighting operation was run by "Bad Newz Kennels" on property belonging to the Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick.

"Bad Newz Kennels" ran dog fights on Michael Vick property The federal authorities alleged in court documents, that Virginia property owned by the Atlanta Falcons star Michael Vick, was used by an outfit named "Bad Newz Kennels" to stage area for housing and training the pit bills involved in the illegal dog fights. The feds searched the property of Michael Vick again on Friday, but did not comment on any findings.

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 Michael Vick, who claims to have rarely visited the property, has not been named in the court papers, nor have any charges been filed against the Atlanta Falcons player. But they allege that illegal dog fights have been staged on Vick's property as far back as 2002, and many people travelled from the neighboring states to witness the activity or to participate with their own dogs. Members of the "Bad Newz Kennels" have also travelled around those states with their dogs.

 The court papers describe how the dogs have been bathed to remove any poison or narcotic placed on the dog's coat that could affect the other dog's performance. Some of the promoters would also leave the dogs hungry the night before a fight, to "make it more hungry for the other dog." The fights usually ended with one of the dog's death.

 The dog fighting scandal mentioning the name of Michael Vick started in April this year, when the authorities recovered 44 dogs from the "Bad Newz Kennels", along with electric treadmills modified for dogs, force-mating equipment and bloody carpeting. Michael Vick's property was searched again in June, and the investigators found the graves of seven dogs, which were allegedly killed by members of the "Bad Newz Kennels".

 Later that month, an informant suggested authorities could find as many as 30 more dogs buried on the property. More evidence seems to have been collected on Friday, but the authorities have declined to comment.

 According to Michael Vick, he let a cousin of his live on the property, and blames the family member for taking advantage of him. Vick also put the property for sale, but there is no record that the sale has closed, despite some rumors about a buyer.

Published on 07/06/2007

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