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NBA Commissioner David Stern talks about ref betting

 The NBA Commissioner David Stern finally came out to publicly address the betting scandal surrounding the referee Tim Donaghy.

NBA Commissioner David Stern talks about ref betting On Tuesday Commissioner David Stern finally broke the NBA management silence after NBA was made aware of the allegations in June 20th. According to Stern, the Tim Donaghy betting allegations are just a single incident: "We think we have here a rogue, isolated criminal here. I feel betrayed by what happened on behalf of the sport. I also understand [Tim Donaghy] is the only referee alleged to have bet on NBA games and disclosed confidential information to others. Let me make it clear that's my current understanding."

 David Stern also said that he is unaware of any charges about Donaghy potentially fixing games, but he knows that Tim Donaghy is being accused of betting on games and providing information to others for the purpose of betting. Stern said that the League was made aware of the allegations in June 20th and the ref stepped down in July 9th. "Suffice to say, we would have liked to have terminated him earlier, but our understanding was the investigation would best be aided if we did not terminate Mr. Donaghy," was Stern's explanation for the late reaction.

 The NBA Commissioner also commented on the League's own investigation of Tim Donaghy gambling addiction. According to Stern, he was investigated for gambling, but not on sports, rather at casinos in Atlantic City. When the investigators contacted every casino in Atlantic City, there was no evidence of Tim Donaghy gambling in the City.

 "We take our obligation to fans in this matter very seriously. I can stand here today and pledge that we will do every look back possible to analyze our processes and seek the best advice possible to see if there are changes that should be made and procedures that should be implemented to continue to assure fans we're doing the best we possibly can,'' Stern said.

 "Our rules are crystal clear that referees may not gamble on our games or provide information to anyone about those games. They can't gamble, they can't provide to anyone other than immediate family their travel schedule," Stern said.

 Tim Donaghy is under investigation for allegedly placing bets with illegal sports betting ring, giving out confidential information and possible point spread fixing of the games he officiated in the last two seasons.

 The New York Daily News reported on Sunday that Donaghy will cooperate with authorities and possibly name other officials and players involved in the betting scandal. The newspaper was also the one who broke the story of NBA's investigation of Tim Donaghy and his gambling problem, while he was living in Pennsylvania.

Published on 07/24/2007

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