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Michael Vick due in court, Greg Biffle says put Vick in jail

 The Atlanta Falcon Michael Vick is due in federal court today, NASCAR driver Greg Biffle says put him in jail.

Michael Vick due in court, Greg Biffle says put Vick in jail The Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick is due on Thursday in front of a federal court in connection with his indictment in the dogfighting scandal. Vick is expected to appear at a bond hearing and enter a plea on dogfighting conspiracy charges.

 Michael Vick stands accused of conspiracy involving dogfighting, procuring and training pit bulls for fighting, and conducting the enterprise across state lines. Three others are also accused, along with the QB. The indictment came after a drug search on his property, which uncovered an underground dogfighting operation, known as the "Bad Newz Kennels". The Feds found 66 dogs, dogfighting equipment and graves of killed dogs (on or off the ring) on Michael Vick's rural Virginia property.

 The Falcon has maintained his innocence throughout the investigation, claiming that his cousin was living there and Vick knew nothing of the dogfighting, rarely visiting the property.

 NFL has suspended Michael Vick from attending the Atlanta Falcons training camp, following the allegations. The owner of the team, Arthur Blank, said they wanted to suspend Vick for four games, the maximum allowed, but NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has advised them to hold off any punishment while the League conducts their own investigation.

 Animal rights organizations have seized the case as means to raise awareness of the largely underground and always gruesome world of dogfighting. NASCAR racer and animal rights advocate Greg Biffle commented on Vick's case, when asked during an appearance promoting next month Michigan race:

 "I just wish they'd put him in jail and be done with it. Just put him in prison and tell the general public, just give them all the details of what they do with those dogs. How they steal people's dogs out of their front yards and use them for bait dogs and let other dogs kill them. There's all the horrifying stories. You look at all the pictures on the Internet of the dogs, just maimed, mangled. It's horrible."

 The NASCAR driver is the founder of the Greg Biffle Foundation for Animals.

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Published on 07/26/2007

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