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Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton feud over foreign policy

 The bout between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama picking up speed, foreign policy a serious divider between the two presidential candidates.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton feud over foreign policy The once rumored presidential team Clinton-Obama 2008 (Obama-Clinton '08) seems less likely to happen with every speech each of the 2008 Presidential Elections candidate delivers. A strong disagreement on foreign policy is the latest divider between the two.

 Barack Obama attacked Hillary Clinton on her refusal to consider meeting with the leaders of hostile nations like Iran, Cuba, Syria, North Korea and Venezuela. According to Obama, the stance Hillary Clinton takes on the issue will leave the stats quo of the current Bush administration unchanged.

 Barack Obama went as far as promising to meet with the leaders of those countries during his first year in the White House. With this statement Obama may have gained and lost some points in the race - the Cuban natives in Miami would welcome a meeting between the next President and Fidel Castro , as long as it would lead to the lift of the embargo. And a promise of a face-to-face meeting with Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is alienating the Jewish community from the presidential candidate.

 Soon after the debate, Hillary Clinton commented on Obama's foreign policy calling him "irresponsible and naive." This allowed Barack Obama to shift the focus from his remarks to Clinton's vote on the Iraq war, and respond that her vote for the war was "irresponsible and naive."

 Both coming from an anti-war party, Hillary gave enough ammunition to Obama and in the upcoming debates we should see the war vote of Hillary Clinton to come up often as the major issue.

The latest bickering between the two top Democrats has not changed the odds on the 2008 Presidential Race. Hillary Clinton remains the favorite to win the Elections next November with odds  2/1, followed by Barack Obama 9/2 and Rudy Giuliani with 5/1, according to the online bookmaker Bodog Sports (new window).

Published on 07/28/2007

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