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CNN YouTube Republican debate yields only two candidates

 After the Democrats answered video questions during the CNN YouTube debate, only two of the Republicans appear to be interested.

CNN YouTube Republican debate yields only two candidates The Democratic CNN YouTube debate was declared a success by many pundits and even by the presidential candidates. On the other side of the aisle, however, mistrust in the new form of media entering the political scene yielded only two Republican candidates. Ron Paul and John McCain are so far the only two presidential candidates willing to participate in the YouTube debate.

 The CNN YouTube debate is just like any other, the difference being that the people ask questions in videos submitted on YouTube.

 It seems that this form of debate is a little too personal for some. Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney have both declared they will not participate in the Republican CNN YouTube debate, as scheduled. Giuliani is citing a conflict in his schedule, while Mitt Romney is more sincere in his reasoning - saying that the already passed Democratic YouTube debate did nothing to lift the quality of the national debate. One of the video questions during the Dem-debate was asked by a man dressed as a snowman and inquiring about global warming. According to Mitt Romney, the debate should be held at a higher level than answering questions from a snowman.

 The Republican CNN YouTube debate is planned for September 17th, but it would most likely be rescheduled. According to CNN, both Giuliani and Romney campaigns have assured the network that they want to participate. Ron Paul, who has been running a very successful Internet campaign, is being quoted saying that the YouTube debate has been postponed, but CNN declined to confirm that.

 Meanwhile, Republican groups and websites are urging their candidates to participate in this new form of debate. Main fear among those groups is that it would further strengthen the idea that the Democrats rule the Internet and that the Republicans are steering away from the fast-paced political future. Participation by the Republicans in the YouTube debate would also help wash away the memories of phrases, such as "the Internets" and "the Internet runs through tubes", made by some Republicans in the past.

 As far as the oddsmakers are concerned, the YouTube debate does little to change the way they perceive the candidates. Hillary Clinton remains the favorite to win the 2008 Presidential Elections with odds 2/1, as posted by the betting website Bodog Sports. Barack Obama is close second with odds 9/2 on winning the Elections, and Rudy Giuliani comes third with odds 5/1. The two Republicans willing to answer the YouTube questions have the following odds on becoming the next President of the United States: John McCain 16/1 and Ron Paul 75/1. According to some bookmakers, the actual elections are more than an year away, and most people would have long forgotten any positive or negative factors stemming from this year's YouTube debates.

Published on 07/29/2007

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