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AOL enters the online gambling business

 AOL becomes the latest U.S. company to enter the lucrative online gambling business, still illegal in the United States.

AOL enters the online gambling business Although running an Internet gambling business is illegal in the United States, this does not stop the U.S. companies from opening online gambling shops in other countries.

 AOL has signed an agreement with the German-based online betting company FLUXX to market sports betting on the internet in the UK. AOL already has business relations with FLUXX subsidiary JAXX UK, providing lottery to German users.

 "As part of our mission to make the AOL UK portal the premier online destination for web users and advertisers alike, we are looking at a range of partnerships and initiatives to drive our business forward in Europe," commented vice president of interactive marketing for AOL Europe Michael Steckler.

 AOL is not the first, but only the latest American company to enter the Internet gambling markets of other countries, while the U.S. government has hammered laws to prevent companies from other countries to operate in the United States. Yahoo Inc. recently opened an online poker room targeting U.K. citizens and a number of land-based U.S. casinos have made attempts in the past with U.K. facing online casinos.

Published on 08/02/2007

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