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Holyfield Ibragimov Fight in October

 Evander Holyfield will have a chance at the title after Ruslan Chagaev pulled out of his fight with Sultan Ibragimov.

Holyfield Ibragimov Fight in October Evander Holyfield, 44, will have a shot at fifth heavyweight title in October, after Ruslan Chagaev pulled out of his scheduled fight with Sultan Ibragimov. An upset stomach was the reason given by Chagaev for cancelling his fight.

World Boxing Organisation champion Ibragimov will now meet 44-year-old Evander Holyfield in Moscow, organizers said on Thursday.

"This is the first step on my quest to become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. I'm glad Sultan Ibragimov was willing to give me a shot," Holyfield said today. His last attempt at becoming five-time world champion was in 2002 when he lost by decision to Chris Byrd. After loosing in 2004 against Larry Donald, Evander Holyfield was suspended by the NY Athletic Commission on medical grounds, however, after the ban was listed last year, Holyfied has won four fights.

The Ibragimov fight will also give Holyfield the chance of becoming the the second oldest heavyweight champion in history, behind George Foreman.

"Of course I am disappointed that Chagaev pulled out and won't allow me to unify our titles, but fighting a legend like Evander Holyfield is even better," Sultan Ibragimov said, and went on promising Holyfield that he will be a though opponent on the ring in October.

Evander Holyfield is 42-8-2 (27 KOs) and Sultan Ibragimov is 21-0-1 (17 KOs). Betting odds on the Ibragimov Holyfied fight will be posted shortly by the online sportsbook Bodog Sports (new window). We will publish the odds on this great bout as soon as they come out.

Published on 08/02/2007

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